Real Estate Agents’ Errands Show a Good Investing Market

Are you still unconvinced the real estate market is getting ripe for investing?

Look at the unbelievable things some real estate agents are having to do to please clients now….

Real Estate Client is KingAre  you  still  unconvinced the real estate market is getting ripe for investing?


Take a look at an eye-opening piece from The Wall Street Journal.


It’s about  real estate agents and what some of them are having to do now in order to please some fussy, wearisome [tag-tec]clients[/tag-tec].


Did you ever think real estate agents would be asked to pet-sit?  (Pet rats, that is).


Or drive a client home from a colonoscopy appointment?

Hand-holding like a Mom has its limits


But apparently in today’s market, more and more real estate agents are finding themselves being asked to remove goldfish from a pond before a termite treatment, or to pick up OPC (Other People’s Children) from ballet practice. 


Here’s my point.  The market has definitely changed.  We knew that.  But this gives us more proof of the shifting of the gears.


Sure, agents have always done favors for clients.  I know first hand because my sister-in-law is a successful real estate agent, but it seems more agents are doing more nowadays  because expectations have increased big time.   


Translated: Business is slowing down.  Real estate agents have more hand-holding time and  some clients  are taking advantage. 


That means there are more opportunities for savvy real estate [tag-self]investors[/tag-self] to come in and pick and choose good properties.


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