Fight Between Seller and Realtor Could Provide Buying Opportunity

It’s round 1 between a California seller and his real estate agent. Why are they fighting? Is this a good opportunity for a buyer?

Yesterday we talked about some of the problems real estate agents are having selling properties in this topsy turvy market.

Time is Running Our for Real Estate Agent

Here’s another story from California.


Seems a  [tag-tec]home seller[/tag-tec] is upset with his agent  because he  hasn’t sold the  house quickly enough.


The real estate agent says the market is getting harder for sellers.  It’s not his fault the place isn’t moving after seven open houses. 

The seller is also mad because he can’t get out of the contract with the “slow” real estate agent.  So he has taken matters into his own hands.


The seller has put up a large banner across the front of his house advertising a website where anyone who may possibly be interested can go and read his grievances.


(That’s after having reduced the property’s price four times). 


My question is how on earth can anyone sell a house under those conditions?


And could the realty company please work out some kind of compromise and let this man out of his contract?   


The  new  real estate [tag-self]market[/tag-self] makes strange bedfellows and they don’t always get along.


But again, here’s the important point.


Could there  be a chance for a buyer to come along, offer them less, perhaps much less,  and solve both their problems.  Do you think they’d take it?


How many other sellers are out there  are in the same dilemma?   


Home Sale Problematic for Seller, Realtor

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