New California Law Says Landlords Do Not Have to Check Legal Status of Tenants

AB 976 lets landlords off the hook. But we stilll have the original problem of illegal immigration….

Landlords are off the hook concerning illegal immigrants in California.

Landlords are off the hook

[tag-tec]AB 976 [/tag-tec]was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger Thursday. This new California law stops  local governments from forcing [tag-self]landlords[/tag-self]  to evict tenants who may be illegal immigrants.


It also prevents landlords from having to check the immigration status of any tenant.


AB 976  sets a precedent  for the rest of us in other parts of the country. 

Let me say this.



I think everyone in this country ought to be here legally. People should respect our laws and obey them.  That includes everyone who resides between our borders.  There are no exceptions.


Our legal system is not a cafeteria where you pick and choose which laws you will obey.  


However, having said that, I don’t pretend to have all the immigration answers. 


Landlord as pit bullBut one thing I do know is I don’t want any extra responsibilities as a landlord.  I should not have to enforce immigration laws.


If the federal government is doing a very poor job at it, how can I be expected to suddenly throw tenants out and back where they came from?   Don’t deputize me.


I don’t want to be a bounty hunter like Dog.  That’s not my job description.  Keep me out of it.


This is  between the illegal immigrants and the federal government. Besides, I’m too busy paying extremely extortionately high taxes, which is another subject for another time.


And could they  please send some of that money to secure our borders?  We’re at war, for crying out loud.  What prevents terrorists from sneaking in?


Here’s another thing.  The government had better come up with some sort of solution soon.  Time is running out fast, but AB 976 is a good start.


New Law Forbids Landlord Immigration Checks



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