List of 5 Strongest and 5 Weakest Real Estate Markets Revealed

The Veros Forecast for the strongest and weakest real estate investing markets is here. The news is not bad.

Housing Markets are in general  good shape

The Veros Forecast for the strongest and weakest  [tag-self]real estate investing[/tag-self] markets is here.


Veros Real Estate Solutions has gained respect over the last four years as a good forecaster of  real estate nationwide.


The present forecast was delivered to the Annual Mortgage Bankers Association Convention in Boston.  It covers the national real estate market trends up to the first two quarters of 2008.


The housing news is pretty  good, as we knew it would be. 

Many local markets across the country are holding their own, although there are some troubled spots.  That’s nothing new. 


But it’s good news today as we hear that gloom speak from Fed Chairman Bernanke.


Here’s my most fav quote from Veros CEO [tag-tec]Darius Bozorgi[/tag-tec]:


“There are many variables that must be taken into account to achieve an accurate picture of the actual risk involved in any given market.  This quarterly forecast indicates that there is still opportunity for both lenders and consumers in today’s market.”


There you have it.   I couldn’t have said it better myself. 


What’s the hottest market in the country?


Raleigh-Cary, NC at 7%


Get the entire list of 5 Strongest and 5 Weakest Real Estate  Markets



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