Leave My Clock Alone

Daylight Savings Time should be abolished, period. I don’t know why we even have it.


Leave my clock alone- let's get rid of daylight savings timeDon’t forget.  Daylight savings time ends tonight.


Which brings me to my musings (or ranting) about why we even have it in the  first place.

It’s a lot of trouble for me personally, because I like to get up early.  Usually 5:30 AM central time.


I’ve had to arise in darkness for the last month  or so, longer than I would have had without daylight savings time and I’m not real happy about that. 


I guess maybe I’m selfish but I don’t like walking all the way down to the street to get my paper in pitch blackness, which isn’t worth reading anyway.


I don’t know why I continue to go for it.  All the news has already been on the Internet or the 10 O’clock news. 


"Newspapers are dead," my nephew told me the other day.  I’m just glad I don’t have any money in any one of them.


And I’ve gotten scared a couple times after encountering a coyote in my driveway.

There's a coyote in my driveway

That’s right.  It was not a dog.


It was a sniveling, slinky coyote and I can say this for a fact it is not native to the Green Hills section of Metropolitan Nashville.  We got here first a long time before they did.



Don’t get me started on the crazy folks who introduced those pet-eating critters to Tennessee a few years ago.  Why, I’ll never know.  Something about the envirnoment, I think.


That and kudzu.


So  what does all this have to do with our real estate?


Not much, I suppose.  But I wanted to rant.  And I have a feeling I’m not alone.  And yes, I feel a little better.  


Here’s another theory from the Editor and Publisher on why we’re a week late this year getting our clocks back to normal.  Have you wondered?  


Maybe the candy industry is a good clue after all. 


‘NYT’ Extra Hour of Daylight for Halloween Due to Candy Lobby?


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