“Act of God” Damages One of Our Duplexes

A large tree hit our duplex damaging the roofWe got that dreaded call last night from one of our [tag-tec]tenants[/tag-tec].


You know the, “uh, a tree fell against the house” call?


It all happened  while a powerful thunderstorm line was passing through the area and the tornado warning siren was blaring.  (I’m now able to differentiate it from my neighbor’s bugler alarm).


And of course, some sort of wind event knocked over a very large tree from the edge of our property right onto the roof of one of our duplexes.

Today, we face battle with the insurance company who will deny our claim, I’m sure.


“Act of God,” they’ll call it.


-And the city.  We think the tree was actually on the city’s right-of-way, which means we didn’t have any control over the tree in the first place.


But the damage is definitely there. 


One back door was completely entrapped with ancient limbs and then there’s the  downed power lines; live ones, that is.


But the funny part about it all was the tenants’ reactions.


“Did you call the electric company?” we asked the [tag-self]tenant[/tag-self].


“Yes, but they put me on hold.”


“Did you go through the menu?”


“Yes, but  this voice asked if it were an emergency and I honestly couldn’t say that it was, so I punched no”.




Live wires dangling  less than three feet from the ground certainly sounds like an emergency to us.


But in her world, there has to be a fire. 


Of course, the tenants on the other side of the duplex  simply left.


According to this tenant they didn’t even know a tree had hit the house, since they park their car in the front.  They just knew the electricity was out.


It was their back door that was completely blocked, and some rain was coming inside an upstairs bedroom.


All of these folks are Phd’s, I might add.


Then there’s the nosy  neighbor woman who was just out while we were surveying the damage.


“Are you looking for a lost pet?” she yelled from across the creek.


“No, we’ve got a tree down.”


“Oh, I was wondering what you were doing with the flashlight.”


Okay, it’s back to battle.  I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. 

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