Warning: Mold Will be Next Big Tenant/Landlord Issue

Uh oh, New York landlords, watch out.

Tenant moms are on the march.

Rats and Mold being blamed for New York City Children's Asthma Uh oh, New York [tag-tec]landlords[/tag-tec], watch out.


Tenant moms are on the march. 


Their issue is mold and they are blaming you for  over 300,000 asthmatic New York children’s flare-ups.


My question here is the same I raised about lead.


Why is it always the landlords’ fault?

Sure, things could be cleaner. And yes, there’s a big rodent/roach problem in New York. 


But as a landlady with nineteen years of experience landlording I hold to the old saying “A better world begins with me.”


Many [tag-self]tenants[/tag-self] could do more to keep their own little spaces clean.  Mine certainly can.

And we’re not in New York City. 


(Go ahead and come after me on this.  I’ve got the evidence to prove it- with my tenants anyway.  A very clean house is the last thing on some of their minds).



But the argument is, according to the moms on the warpath, mold is causing the asthma.


New York City health officials want more evidence, and so do we.


Which mold?  There are thousands.


And mold has been around since Biblical times.  Moses even wrote about them.


So modern  New Yorkers are the not the first group battling it.


Could other forms of pollution be part of the problem also?


How come the moms aren’t  going after the  dirty air outside their apartments?  And there’s plenty of that, just as there is in almost any big giant metropolis.



Here’s our warning.  Expect this to be the new issue.  Heaven help us when lawyers get a hold of it.  


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