Palm Beach Real Estate Rises 24%

Palm Beach is one good real estate investing goldmine that’s still standing up against the so-called “national” trends.


Palm Beach Bucks National Real Estate TrendsPalm Beach is  one good real estate investing area that’s  still standing up against the so-called “national” trends.


Prices and sales are up, according to the Evans Report, written by real estate attorney Les Evans.


(His report is a goldmine of information because it also includes those private sales, conveniently left out of Multiple Listing).


And what about this? 


The average price of a Palm Beach house went from $5 million to $5.22 million.


That’s a 14.6 percent increase over 2006.

And just what is it about their vacant lots?


I don’t know about you, but $20.8 million for 2 acres on S. Ocean Blvd. just sounds more intriguing, I reckon.  As in “cha-ching, cha-ching”.


But here’s the thing.


As we’ve all known location does matter a lot  in real estate [tag-self]investing[/tag-self].


Palm Beach has been the top spot on the map for the super rich forever and probably will  be until the end of time.


As one banker told me a few years ago,  “the rich little old ladies rule there.”


You go, girls.


And many of those little ladies of  [tag-tec]Palm Beach[/tag-tec]  continue to be  very savvy real estate investors as the climbing prices prove.     


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