Another Tax Lecture from Billionaire Warren Buffet

Must we endure another lecture about how much of our income should go to the government from Warren Buffet?

A Billionaire says we need to pay higher taxes


Must we endure another lecture about how much of our income should go to the government  from Warren Buffet?


He doesn’t think our tax system is fair.  Yup, he’s got that right.


So, in the world of a billionaire the problem gets solved very quickly.


Tax those little people.


In his case, that’s just about everybody.

Of course, he has limits- only those double incomers making over $_________ per year and lifetime.  I keep forgetting where the Buffet "rich" line  really is. It seems to move. 


For singles, the tax threshhold is  always much less than the marrieds, which I don’t think is fair. 


Nowadays, a double income family making $200,000 is not particularly wealthy, or didn’t he know that?


(It’s kind of like the first President Bush visiting a supermarket checkout for the first time and being fascinated with the scanner. He had never seen one before.)  


For all their well meaning schemes to get everyone to play fair and to give back, the middle class always gets stuck when the music stops.

Warren Buffet wants to tax your coffin on the way to the graveyard

Taxing the middle class on what I refer to as the coffin tax (estate tax)  is unconstitutional because it is a double tax. 


We’ve already been taxed in income and sales and professional fee taxes all along the way. 


Then they try to take away what little you have left on the way to the graveyard.


And yes, a lot of small businesses and farms will have to be liquidated.


(One of my best friends’ mothers had the IRS literally knocking at her door right after her husband had died. They scared the poor woman to death and then took 50 percent of the family’s assets).


But according to what I’m understanding from Mr. Buffet, that’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. Or is it?   


Mr. Buffet, how about this solution?


We stop unnecessary spending.


That’s right, there’s an awful lot of waste and corruption going on and maybe  big billionaire folks like you could use your influence to force those politicians and special interest groups back into the corral of responsible  money handling.  


But please, stick with what you know best.  How to make money…

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