Infamous Tennessee Pot Cave to be Auctioned Off December 8th

It’s more like something out of a James Bond movie than an innocent appearing farm in rural Trousdale County, Tennessee.

Tenessee Pot Cave to be Auctioned

Our property for this week is actually a cave. 


And it’s more like something out of a James Bond movie than an innocent appearing  farm in rural Trousdale County, Tennessee.


The Tennessee Pot Cave made headlines a few months ago when it was discovered its owners were  harvesting millions in marijuana profits every 60 days. 

That was in thanks to an elaborate two mile long underground farm  with a 20 foot ceiling housing over  500 marijuana plants.


And  credit also went to a Nashville law enforcement agent who had worked five years patiently building the bizarre case  that threw the cave farm’s owner, Fred Strunk, into prison with an 18-year sentence.


Entrance to the Pot Cave is through a secret hydraulic door in the garage leading down a 50 yard long concrete ramp deep inside the ground.


However, here’s one caveat.  Don’t be misled by the photos of a nice A-line house with brand new appliances and fixtures that were never used. In fact, the house was only a decoy.  No one ever lived there.


It is not included in the sale since it burned down under very mysterious circumstances about a year ago. 


Now the 15th Judicial Drug Task Force is selling the cave farm to the highest bidder.


All proceeds will go the aid in the drug fight just in case there are any other underground marijuana bunkers larger than several football fields put together.


Who will be your competition?


So far a winery, mushroom growers, and a tissue-manufacturer.  (I don’t think that’s for Kleenex).

See pictures and read more about the Tennssee Pot Cave 


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