Warning: Here Come the New Carbon Taxes

Get ready to give up more of your real estate profits. Carbon taxes are coming.

The new carbon taxes will take more of your real estate profitsGet ready to give up more of your real estate profits.

Local cities and governments, green with envy, are eyeing your pockets as we speak. 

The new green building codes trend is here.  And it could cost us big.

What exactly is it?


It is stricter building codes designed to make your properties more green, or energy efficient.  


A nice way of putting it is – it’s a [tag-tec]carbon tax[/tag-tec].


These ideas are nothing new.  Remember the  rejected Kyoto Agreement?


But now we have global warming which  "experts" have told us it’s all our fault. 


(Some of us are still skeptical;not that temeratures are warmer. But could they be caused by natrual events, such as more sun spot activity)?


Maybe global wamring proponets and talking heads have  given up on convincing us. So they’re going another route.  They’re going to try to force us to accept their beliefs.



Alas, here come the politicians. 


Now we the green competition.  New York, Chicago and other cities want to see who can be the greenest-the fastest.  Uh-oh.


But Portland has already claimed that honor.

So in order to out-do the competition Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman  just annouced the carbon fee and inspection requirement for builders.


Funny, but the announcement came behind closed doors at an invitiation-only reception at the PDX Lounge during the exhibition for the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.  Hmmm…


Why not on the 6 o’clock news in front of all Portland residents?


Back home in Portland, Jim McCuley, vice president of government affiars for the Homebuilders Association of Metropolitan Portland, announced, "There is no way homebuilders will ever support a mandated program."


We hope he’s right.  But he’s got a real battle ahead of him. 


As one Oregon blogger wrote, "it is things like this, and the passing of Measure 49 earlier this week, that make me proud to be a resident of this city/state!!!!!!!  (That’s exactly how he wrote the exclamtion marks).


Let’s hope carbon taxes don’t get out of hand before they can be stopped. 


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