Why Many Young Real Estate Investors Don’t Go Into Section 8

Okay, I’m going to challenge something Willie Tenorio of the Willie Tenorio Housing Blog said about Section 8 inspections

Section 8 tenants should take better care of the propertiesOkay, I’m going to challenge something Willie Tenorio of the Willie Tenorio Housing Blog said about [tag-tec]Section 8[/tag-tec] inspections.


“A good standard helps eliminate some of the guesswork of property inspection so that it is more of a science than an art, but it never totally eliminates, or should eliminate, the judgment of the inspector.”


We have been Section 8 landlords for a long time, and we believe more of the scientific emphasis should be on the tenants.

Do most Section 8 inspectors take into scientific  consideration how the tenants tear up their units?


Heaven forbid if an innocent tenant child would ever swipe the batteries out of the smoke detectors to put in a walkman.


And naturally those door handles fall off all by themselves, right? (Why is it always the door handles)?


But don’t get me started on doors, in general.


And what about the insect problem?


Yup, I’m going to say it.  A lot of our extermination problems are caused by the way tenants live. 


Let me just put it this way; our Section 8 tenants are not real big fans of Martha Stewart. 


Then there’s the big ugly dog they’re not supposed to have. 

“But we need him for protection…”


Yeah, right, but he’s still in violation of their lease.


Inspectors spend more time with the landlords pointing out very vital things like missing light switch covers, than they do with the tenants.  What could be more important than taking better care of the property you live in?


What about that “pay your rent lecture”?  Or that talk about paying your utilities?


Yes, the gas company and the electric company will cut them off if you don’t pay.


How come Section 8 tenants are not reminded of that?


Let me ask this. Is there anything in the manual that addresses the problems of out-and-out vandalism- from the inside? 


So here’s the real problem.  Good Section 8 landlords are hard to find. 


There’s a huge, and I mean huge, demand for subsidized housing.  Smart young investors could move into  a prosperous mini real estate empire almost over night  but sadly many of them don’t.  Isn’t the answer  obvious?

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