Beware of Theives Visiting Your Open Houses

Thefts are on the rise at open houses.

Thieves are stealing jewelry at open houses.Thefts are on the rise at open houses.


Recently Jennifer Jones 33, and [tag-tec]Jessica Joyner[/tag-tec] 39, were charged with stealing valuables from four upscale open houses in New York City.


The women were posing as homebuyers and seemed to give the correct impressions to realtors as they drove up in a champagne-colored Jaguar XJ8.


But as we know looks can be deceiving.

Now home stagers, realtors, as well as police, are warning landlords and real estate agents to advise homeowners to lock up the valuables.


You  don’t want jewelry or small electronics such as cameras out in the open.


And yes, they’re also stealing prescription drugs.


One extra piece of advice we don’t usually think of; hide all photos of your valuables.


You don’t want a picture of yourself standing in front of your 60 foot yacht, for example.

That could give thieves ideas they shouldn’t be thinking about. Nowadays, you can’t be too careful.


So what can we do to protect our tenants and homeowners?


Screen lookers.

If you’re a landlord,  get the names, phone numbers of all visitors.  I also get a description of the car they’ll be driving.


Realtors should have all lookers sign in upon arrival.

Some realtors in New York are now asking for photo I.D.’s. That might be going a little far, but it’s understandable.


The best advice comes from Stephen Spinola, the president of the Real Estate Board of New York. “The more vigilant we are, the less these incidents will occur.”


Theft at Open Houses Put Marketers on Alert



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