Is It Time for Landlords to Throw the Bathtub Out with the Bath Water?

Since the hotel industry is throwing out bathrubs, could landlords get rid of theirs too?

Should landlords get rid of bathtubs once and for all?I’ll never forget the mushroom call.


It was nineteen years ago, and one of my first tenants was claiming mushrooms were actually growing in his living room.


And he was right.


They were caused by a leak in his bathtub which set off a chain reaction comedy of errors that almost started World War III with another tenant upstairs.

That tenant called to threaten us after she saw one of the men repairing the tub out in the parking lot wearing a “gas mask”.


She thought the repair process was poisoning the air in the building and we had not properly informed her.


So we all know bathtubs can be big plumbing  trouble for landlords.


Which brings us to the question of even having bathtubs in our rentals in the first place.


Is it time to throw them out?


Conte Nast Portfolio reports it’s a now a trend to eliminate tubs in the hotel industry because only 2 percent of guests actually use them anyway.


Hmmmm.  That’s interesting.


Have you noticed big showers are on the way in and bathtubs are also on the way out in new home construction?


What’s going on?


Hotel designers are reporting women do not like to bathe in hotel tubs because they’re not sure about cleanliness.


They’ve got that right.  I’m one of those ladies.  Even though I like to soak in my 1927 glistening white tub at home, I wouldn’t be caught dead bathing in one at a hotel, or heaven forbid, motel.


My tub is clean.  I know, because I’m the one who keeps it that way.  And it’s never been replaced since my house was built. (1927 was also the year Lindburgh flew across the Atlantic).


Then there’s liability.


Guests often have trouble getting used to an unfamiliar tub. 


Is there anything to hold onto just in case you start slipping?


But I think the biggest reason to get rid of bathtubs is nobody has enough time to spend in them anymore.


Here’s what Paul McManus, president and chief executive of Leading Hotels of the World has to say.


“We want bathrooms to reflect the overall luxury standard our guests expect, and younger people especially don’t seem to take baths anymore, except in the spa environment,” he explains. “You can really design an attractive bathroom with the ‘wow’ factor when you just have a shower.”


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