Will Remodeling Be a Waste of Money?

Will remodeling really help the resell value of our homes?

Will remodeling really enhance the value of my property?

Should we remodel?


Will remodeling really help the resell value of our properties?


Blanche Evans of Reality Times brings up some vital questions every homeowner and real estate investor should ask first before spending the money.

1. What do homebuyers in my area really want?

Homebuyers are different in Tennessee and California.  What works in one area may be a big turn-off in other parts of the country.

Just because you like the remodeling or rehabbing plans does not mean future homebuyers will  share your opinion.  


2. Will the remodeling project enhance the house or will it cause more problems than it solves?

Sure, you’d like to add a second home office so you and your wife won’t have to share a cramped space, but will that be a turn-off for a future buyer?

Home offices are not necessarily  helping sales in today’s market.

What about that pool you’ve always wanted? Will the next homeowners like it or hate it?

The answer might surprise you.

How about structural changes?  Do you really need them?  Think long and hard on this. .


Before starting any  rehab or remodeling project we should always keep the next homebuyers in mind.  After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of money toward  turning them off.

NAR’s 2007 Remodling Cost VS Value Report Is a Guide, Not Fact

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