6 Questions You Must Ask Before Adding a Pool

Put a swimming pool in with a lot of caution.

Pools can often turn off  a homebuyer Yesterday we touched on the subject of remodeling and I wanted to take that a little farther today.


Pools create a lot of buzz.  I guess it’s either because you love them or you hate them.  They’re additions which aren’t neutral with a lot of homeowners.  So- put a pool  in with a lot of caution.


Doug Buenz of 680 Blog talks about  6 questions you absolutely must ask before pool construction starts.

His post is a must-read because he covers some things I haven’t thought of, and I bet you haven’t either.


But your future homebuyers will certainly be pondering things like pool placement in the yard.


Hmmm. This can be a killer.


Doug asks what if the pool takes up too much of the yard?


“But if the deep end of the pool is two steps from the family room slider, a pool will often detract from the value of the home,” Doug goes on to say.


Things like that ought to be no- brainers but you’d be surprised how many people will just plop the pool in and not think about someone actually falling in it.


Pools can work for a property under the right circumstances.  Doug gets into what that criteria is, but by and large, think long and hard before making a substantial investment in a pool.


Do Swimming Pools Add Value to a Home

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