The Omaha Mall Massacre and Your Tenants

It was the mall shooter’s landlady who took his sucide note to the police

We should be vigilant  landlordsWhat does the Omaha Mall Massacre have to do with real estate?

Plenty, if you are a landlord.

The mall shooter had a landlady and apparently she was the one who was probably the  most surprised at the tragic events.

It was she who went to the police with the suicide note.

To make a long sad story short, the mall shooter was a troubled youth who had left his own family and had moved in with a friend’s mom and dad.


His foster family was trying to do good by the boy.


“We had two boys, what was one more?” the foster mom/ landlady  told the press yesterday.


How many times have we heard that?


“What’s wrong with letting this person stay here?” a tenant may ask. 


“I’m paying the rent, you can’t discriminate against my friends.  Besides, they’re my guests.”


Yes, you can question every single person who is staying on your properties.  In fact, you must.


How many disturbed individuals are out there like the mall shooter?


We don’t know.   However, if any of your other tenants are put in danger because of a dangerous squatter, you may have to answer for that.


Anyone who is not on our lease and has lived on  one of our properties for more than 30 days is considered a squatter.


There are two options here.


  1. Allow him to sign the lease, after a thorough background check, of course.
  2. Order him to leave.


What if your tenants who have brought him in as a roommate threaten to leave with him?


Let them.


Anyone who will not cooperate with you can be considered trying to hide something. 


Unfortunately, the Omaha mall shooting proves more than ever we must investigate our tenants. You may not be able to read their minds or predict the future, but there are certain safety measures you can take to avoid many tragedies.

See Video- Mall Shooter’s Landlord Speaks



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