Will FrontDoor.com Replace the MLS?

FrontDoor.com is a new website with over 1 million listings. Will it replace the MLS?

FrontDoor.com is a good site with lots of informationHome & Garden Television is branching out into real estate listings.

FrontDoor.com is a new website with over 1 million listings.  Will it replace the MLS?

The jury is still out, but it could take a large chunk of the business because it is empowering the consumer. 

That really isn’t surprising for the people behind FrontDoor because they are also the same folks who bring us The Food  Network, DIY-Do It Yourself Network and Fine Living as well as the Home & Garden channel.

From the looks of it the site is very clean and attractive, and as real estate investors  we are for anyone getting the information out there the easiest way. 

I tried the property for sale locator tool and I have found it easy to use and well organized.  I like the way the images of the properties pop up when you click on the user-friendly map.   It has the potential for saving you a lot of time and effort. 

The articles are informative, and I especially liked  More Homeowners Looking for Smaller Options.

This article covers a secret many realtors are reluctant to talk about and that’s upsizing for the sake of selling.  Too many people are buying more square footage than they need.

What’s the future for FrontDoor.com?

Anytime you give readers good content which can really be helpful  you’ve got a winner.

Check out FrontDoor.com

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