Senior Citizens Going Back to Work to Pay Off Property Taxes

I’m appalled that a 76 year old lady on a walker has to work off her property taxes just to stay in her home.

Senior Citizens are being forced to work off property taxes in some cities.Folks, we need to get control of the property tax issue once and for all.  Here’s another reason why.


Senior citizens in Greenburgh, N.Y. are having to go to work for the town in order to pay off their property taxes.


Greenburgh is located in Westchester County, which is now #3 in the country for the most expensive property taxes.


Too many of Our Greatest Generation across the country are being forced into reverse mortgages to pay off the taxes and now there still isn’t enough money to go around.


So  officials like  Town Supervisor Paul Feiner are pushing the concept that the seniors want to work and should be given the opportunity to pitch in- at a very reduced wage, starting at $7 per hour.


So we have older ladies like Audrey Davison, 76, who’s on a walker and suffers from arthritis and sciatica going to work as a receptionist because that’s a job she can do sitting down.


I’m appalled.

Why are property taxes so high in a little town of 90,000?  Can’t they cut back on something or other?


Since  when do our seniors have to work during their golden years?


Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s okay if they really want to work.  Some do.  But let’s be honest.  Many don’t want to and many are unable.  That’s the shame of it.


Which brings me to an interesting observation. 


Too many local and city governments have used property taxes as their cash cows for far too long. 


It was always easy to go after the real estate investors, landlords and two income families.  But now they’re coming after little old ladies in walkers.  It’s gone too far.


So what can we do to protect our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and ourselves?


We can start getting involved.


That means we need to be vigilant.  We need to find out who our city councilmen and councilwomen are and we need to make our voices heard.


Can it really be done?


Remember the post I did on  why we don’t have a state income tax in Tennessee?


The citizens got together and drove around the capital building honking their horns when the legislature stopped taking phone calls and e-mails. (That was in opposition to a movement to levy a state income tax).


The people won that battle and we can win future property tax battles also.


Write in and let us know what you think about this property tax issue.


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