Increased Burglaries in Luxury Staged Properties

Staging properties is becoming very popular but be careful you don’t attract theives.

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Cindy, over at Stage 4 More blog, has a warning for those of us who are selling luxury properties.



She’s a professional stager which means she goes in and prepares the property as a package for selling.  This is often done with rented furniture and accessories which can be quite expensive if bought or replaced.

Surprisingly, home staging is catching on across the country and real estate agents as well as real estate investors are using it more and more as a tool.  That’s based on the concept that a property with furniture in it sells better than one that is empty.  That’s as long as the decorating is in good taste and appeals to future buyers.


But Cindy tells of a burglarized staged property where $2000 worth of furniture and accessories  was  taken.  The thieves even stole the remote control for the sprinkler system- why I don’t know.


As she points out, we don’t need to live our lives in fear about such things happening, but it’s good to be aware and take precautions so we can cut our risks.


Check out Cindy’s blog, and read the article about burglaries in staged properties

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  1. THANKS for the mention! It was pretty ironic that my camera was stolen on a job site the day after the article was published in the Chronicle. It just goes to show that you can never be too careful! During a hectic real estate transaction, we often overlook the importance of safety. The truth is that we need to be more mindful of it to make sure ourselves and our clients are protected not only financially but also physically.

    Happy new year!


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