More Valuable Rehab Advice That Could Save You a Ton

Sal Vannutini also talks about 3 main rehabbing traps, but his are different from Connie’s.

Money Down the DrainThis is Part 2 of my rehab advice series for the New Year.

Sal Vannutini of Real Estate Investing 411 has more invaluable  rehabbing info.

He also talks about 3 main traps but his are different from Connie’s.

He says we should watch carefully for:

  1. Toxic mold
  2. Major Structural Repairs
  3. Major Electrical Repairs


It’s always good to get a different perspective and Sal brings out the  mold, which is interesting.


Personally, I believe the mold issue is somewhat overblown, but remember, your future buyers and tenants think in terms of media hype.


So it’s important to take Sal’s advice and check for mold problems before you buy- if that’s possible.


(With some properties such as the ones bought at the Court House steps, you may not have a chance to do a good inspection).


Check out Sal’s advice at Real Estate Investing 411


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