What Hillary’s Comeback Can Teach Real Estate Investors

How can you pull your real estate investing out of a nosedive?

It's a New Dayof Opportunity

Regardless of how you think politically, you really have to notice Hillary’s rise from the ashes.


To hear some pundits put it, she was almost comatose Sunday.  Now she’s won that coveted prize, The New Hampshire Primary.


There will be some of us who are her fans and others who aren’t. 


She’s like that.  She polarizes, but let’s really look at what just happened. We saw someone who was going down in flames and she managed to get the plane’s nose back in the air, just in the nick of time. 


That reminds me of the Donald’s latest book I gave my Dad for Christmas, which I confiscated, because I wanted to read it so badly.  Think Big and Kick A…”


The same thing happened to Trump  around 1990.  He almost went bankrupt. 

And when I say almost, to hear him tell it  everything suddenly turned around because he ended up sitting next to ‘the executioner’, that banker who was calling the loans on everyone in New York and personally bringing down the mighty.


The Donald was able to get human real fast, start a dialogue, and get a new workable deal shortly before dessert was served.  


Hillary just did the same thing.  She got human all the sudden and quite believing her own press releases; just in the nick of time, if you ask me.


But that really proves giant doors, whole careers, and lifetime wealth really can  swing on very small, almost miniature hinges.


The Comeback Kid’s wife didn’t give up.  Trump didn’t give up.  In fact, they fought harder than ever when just about everybody was abandoning their ships.


Here’s my point.  Every career has that golden opening where you’ll either go down in defeat or you’ll succeed very big.


I used to think it was a much bigger window-probably months or years, but I don’t believe that anymore. 


I think the reality of it is it can be an opening of only a few hours or days.  I rest my case on Hillary’s personal Phoenix.


Think about it in your life as a real estate  investor. 

You went for a drive, just as we talked about in yesterday’s post, you happened to come across a great deal just sitting there.  You moved on it.  You got it and the rest is history- your history and your family’s history.


Or you may be having serious financial problems.  You may have a banker or two, perhaps even three, coming after you.  Creditors may be ringing your phone off the hook, upsetting your wife and keeping your poor children awake.


But there’s always hope.  Both [tag-tec]Hilary[/tag-tec] and the Donald never considered defeat.  That’s the big difference.  Defeat is not in their handbooks. Defeat shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary either.


So what can you do when you’re facing almost total annihilation?


1.When your back is against the wall, go get the very best advice.  (Hillary flew a secret team in over the weekend.)

2.Negotiate- The Donald finally started a civil conversation with the banker who wouldn’t even talk to him at first.

3.Don’t accept defeat.  It’s a long war, you’ll lose some battles.  Remember the very best generals lose them every now and then.  Just accept that, but never lose sight of your real goals.


(I didn’t mean for this post to be so long, and what I’ve written about Hillary does not reflect my political leanings.)  



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