Florida Builder Is Offering $100,000 Cash Rebate

Florida builder is giving a rebate equaling upwards of $100,000 for buyers.

2008 may become the year of real estate  rebates, if more builders follow  Nathan Benderson’s example.


Benderson is a Southwest Florida commercial developer who has a big retirement community  on his hands that  he needs to move.  The housing slump has hit him hard but he’s not relying on the typical incentives such as free cars, big screen T.V.’s and kitchen upgrades.


“Things being the way they are, we wanted to do something that would get people’s attention,” Benderson says.


Okay, exactly what would that be?


A rebate equaling upwards of $100,000.  Yes, you read that right.  And he just got my attention.

Here’s how the deal works.  Benderson has about 50 homes which will come with a 10-year rebate that will equal 4 percent of the purchase price.


The buyer will get the money quarterly and for a $250,000 house, an income of $10,000 per year would come in for ten years.


Not bad.


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