The Major Homebuyer Trends for 2008

The big homebuyer list for 2008 is out and there are a few surprises everyone in real estate needs to know about.

Fish in Bowl

Mark Nash’s [tag-tec]Homebuyer Trend List[/tag-tec] for 2008 is out. 


Mark is the Chicago realtor most famed for his book 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home and is well respected for hitting the real estate trends right on target.   This year’s list has a few surprises.


Destination Bathrooms

These are the new master suite baths which now include  everything from multiple flat screen T.V.’s to espresso machines and in-home hair salons.  Message:  Your upscale homebuyers are planning to spend a lot of time there.


Non-smoking Homeowners Associations

Okay, we’re not really surprised by the rise of the smoking police but we didn’t think the trend would move so fast.  More smokers will find themselves banned from condos in 2008.  


Better Home Staging

We’ve known homebuyers do not want to look at an empty house but they also  want to see more realistic staging.  More thought needs to go into it and future buyers will be looking in the refrigerator to see evidence that someone actually lives there.


Also out are McMansions, mosaic tile and those out-of-the -way neighborhoods.  People want housing that fits their needs and are not as interested in making a statement of excess opulence just to impress their friends.


Read Mark’s list and see some of the other housing trends such as green-friendly construction and pet showers.


What’s In and What’s Out with Homebuyers in 2008



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