California Utilities Set to Control Customers’ Thermostats

The frightening scenario of the government controlling your thermostat is about to happen in California.

Okay, we jokingly warned about this in a previous post, but even we were surprised to learn it may become a reality in California as early as next summer.


I’m referring to the frightening scenario of the government controlling your thermostat.

Sci Fi  hype?  Hardly. 

The technology has been around for some time, but now they’re good and ready to use it.

Utilities will be able to turn customers’ thermostats up or down depending upon the ‘emergency’.  So if there’s a heat wave and customers are not voluntarily turning their air conditioners down like they’re supposed to, the utilities will do it themselves. By remote control.


Are you scared yet?


I can’t begin to state the implications of all of this.  For instance, will the wealthy escape to their vacation homes while the heat melts everyone else?  And how far  will they dare turn down your air conditioner anyway?   


I’ve dealt with tenants sharing the same thermostats for years and I can tell you it is just about one of the prickliest problems we deal with as landlords.


Our advice to California utilities:  Fool around with your customers’ thermostats at your own peril. 


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