Unscheduled Interest Rate Cut Surprises Experts

Will the interest rate cut really help the economy? And if so, why not cut the rates even more?

Interest rates continue downward with the three-quarters of a percentage point cut; making lots of waves.  In fact, it’s the biggest single  cut since 1984.


Will it really help the economy?  And if so, why not cut the rates even more? 


But the old question remains- does the Federal Reserve really control interest rates as much as we have been led to believe?  Can it really turn the light switch of the economy on and off at will?


We don’t have to analyze it all.  In fact, I think we’re in trouble if we try.  There is such a thing as  thinking too much.


We just need to act on opportunity and the  opportunities for real estate investing  are  out there  for savvy real estate investors who are willing to search for them.


So while a lot of people keep wondering if the economic stimulus package will really work, we are putting our money in tangible assets such as houses, buildings and land.  So what if inflation goes up?  We’re  well covered.  

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