Baghdad’s Housing Market Soars

Here’s a surprising real estate boom market. Baghdad.

Here’s a surprising real estate boom market.  Baghdad.

Forgetting politics, look at the soaring prices, low inventory and bidding wars. Does it remind us of Florida 2005?

Thousands of Iraqis are returning to Baghdad now that violence is subsiding and they need a place to live.

And it’s amazing how much difference a year can make with real estate.  Last year rents were low and home prices dropped through the floor.

Homebuyer Hussam Jassem, 35 states, “I will end up with nothing if I don’t find something soon.”  That’s a common statement being made by typical the 2008 Baghdad homebuyer.

This is also  the classic market example of the ups and downs for real estate.  In this case- prices and opportunities moved because of a war.

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