Real Estate Investors Will Be Getting More Good Deals

Let's Do a DealGot a surprise call from one of those discount membership home centers the other night.


“You didn’t show up for your appointment.”


Please, can’t they do better than that?


Actually, we had tried to buy from them twice before but were turned away. The nationally known  chain  had informed  us they don’t sell to real estate investors or landlords.  Hmmmm?


Only regular people who are remodeling or furnishing their own homes.


Okay, so how many customers are they going to find furnishing large homes at $30,000 a pop now? (Just curious.)

Apparently, not as many as before in this new economic landscape.


So are we going to set up an appointment and check out their prices?


You bet we will.  Frugality is the name of the game for buy and hold investor/ landlords.


While we’re on the subject, there’s a good article on saving money at  The Platinum News Network


Also,  Property Grunt, one of my most fav real estate blogs, has an interesting take on the Bear Stearns sale.  Talk about a bargain.


According to Property Grunt more big sales are coming down the pike. 

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