Why Real Estate Investing is Not for Everybody

The McFaddens haven’t worked in three generations and aren’t planning on getting jobs. Here are 5 reasons why real estate investing and becoming independently wealthy is not for them.

Real Estate Investing is Not for EveryoneMeet the McFaddens; an extraordinary family from England.


They’re extraordinary because they don’t work.  And they don’t expect to go out and even look for jobs.


Why?  Because the government is keeping them up and has been for three generations.

Before those of us in America  grow too smug about the McFaddens, we need to remember we’ve got our own versions of this family in all fifty states.


But here’s a quote  from one of the McFaddens   I just love…


Steven says: “Mum’s never really made us think about work.  I did do plumbing YTS scheme after school.


They paid 27 pounds a week, but it was so boring looking at pipes and sinks all day .  When I told my dad I was bored, he said I should never stick with a job I didn’t like.”


Okay, Steven, I guess real estate investing is not for you.  After all, we’ve got a list of 5 things you wouldn’t like about being your own boss and making good money.


  1. Independently wealthy and the great lifestyle that goes with that.
  2. Peace of mind knowing that your investments are appreciating even while you sleep.
  3. Properties you can control
  4. Something of real value you can pass on to your children.  We call it a legacy in my family.
  5. Respect.  Real estate investors are generally well respected and looked up to by a whole lot of people.


Pipes and sinks can be boring, I guess.


So can replacing carpet and vinyl siding and batteries from smoke detectors and getting those emergency snake calls from scared tenants and I could go on- but you get the point. 


And  I must admit some real estate investors may  tend to get bored being stuck in bank drive-thru lanes while waiting to deposit all those rental checks. 


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