Expert Analyzes 3 Real Estate Deals Step- by- Step


Crunch the Numbers Right on Real Estate Deals

Real estate investing expert James Orr has analyzed  step by step some intriguing property  deals from different parts of the country.  


The properties are located in New Orleans, St. Louis and Minneapolis.

The deals have been analyzed both for possible rentals  or as rent-to-own. 


See how he crunches the numbers, evaluating each property three ways, from the nothing down deal to 10% down and 20% down.

I think I disagree with his $43 per month maintenance estimation for the Minneapolis property.  My guess is those numbers would probably be higher, at least in the beginning.


Here’s what he has to say about it.

“It is important to realize that on any given house our maintenance estimate could be very low and although much less likely, very high.”


In other words, be careful estimating repairs.  They could be a deal-killer.


But going through Orr’s figures is fun and you can learn a lot as he has shown how to analyze real estate deals step by step.

Minneapolis Property Analysis

St. Louis Property Analysis

New Orleans Property Analysis



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