Jim Cramer Debates the NAR on Today’s Show

I thought it would be fun to go back and look at a debate on The Todays Show from several months ago between  Jim Cramer and Charles McMillan of the NAR.


Cramer, a stock market expert, is expounding on how bad real estate is and not to buy a house under any circumstances.  Was he right?



I think McMillan scored on these vital points.

1. Real estate is local.

2. People will always need a tangible roof over their heads, which is what real estate essentially is.

3. Real estate is not the stock market.

Cramer did make a hit on one point and that is McMillan was basically giving the corporate line that everything is fine when obviously it really isn’t.

So who was really right and who was really wrong?

They’re both right -and wrong because the savvy real estate investor can make money in every type of market, regardless of how bad things are going, if he or she  knows what they are doing.


Don’t know how?  Our best advice is to get into your local real estate club and find a mentor who has been investing in real estate for at least 20-30 years.  That’s where the real golden information is.

The debate continues:







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