Finally: Real Estate Investing Easily Explained

You don’t have to go to the bank anymore for your real estate investing money. There are other options…


You don't have to go to a bank to get your real estate investing money

Mario Sundar over at LinkedIn, is reviewing the excellent answers given by several  real estate investors to the question What Are the Top 10 Factors You Consider When Investing in Real Estate?


The seasoned investors gave detailed answers as to the why, when, how, who, what, and where of real estate investing and I think this info is  fast, interesting and easy to understand. (I’m so tired of the so called ‘experts’ making all this much harder to understand than it needs to be).

One good example is the answer given for  what are your other options beside bank loans for getting the investment seed money you need.  That’s more important than ever now since banks are freezing up some of the money.


Read what the  real estate investors with the actual knowledge have to say about how we should invest now.   LinkedIn Answers: What are the Top 10 factors you consider when investing in real estate?


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