Buy a House, Get Another One FREE…

 Buy one house get another for free

The blog, L.A. Land, has an interesting post about the infamous buy one home, get one free ad.

Could it be true?  Is the developer really giving a two- for- one?

Apparently the developer is serious.  And yep, as a real estate investor I would probably jump on it.

Okay, I know.  Watch it.  There’s a catch somewhere.  It could be dangerous.  Naturally I would do all the due diligence first and see if the numbers crunch.

But here’s one way it could work, under the correct circumstances.

I would rent out both houses, and I would be able to drop the rents because my expenses would be much less.  Then as the market improves, sell the second free house to pay for the first one.

Go over to L.A. Land and read the readers’ comments.

As always, that’s the best part.  I love it.

Here’s one of my most fav from a reader named “Geek Seek”.

“Next development: Inventory blow-out on Home Shopping Network and give-away coupon with every happy meal”….

Bad plan? Do you agree with Geek Seek?

What do you  you really think about the buy one home, get one free deal?

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