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Curbed, one of our most fav  New York real estate blogs, has a report about a building in New York City located at 280 Mulberry Street.

It has wavy bricks on the façade.  I know, is it for real?

Curbed isn’t sure but doesn’t care.  It a gets thumbs up in the Curbed review.

So why?

Well, it’s the penthouse. 

I have to say, I like it too.

Check it out at   CurbedWired 290 Mulberry 

(Don’t forget to click on “penthouse” and that will take you to the detailed pictures.)

But I noticed something else rather interesting on Curbed’s  home page.

There was an ad for a new development called The Viridian.

Hey, there’s a new Viridian going up in Nashville too.  I thought our Viridian was unique.  Apparently not.  

Here’s my point..  Green is in.  Developers and real estate investors are coming up with green names for a reason.  People like green.  Does the name Viridian make it more green, as in actually saving on the carbon footprint idea?  Probably not, but it certainly sounds good to today’s buyers. 

Read about New York’s Viridian

Read about Nashville’s Viridian  


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