Wireless Internet for Cars a Tool Breakthrough for Real Estate Investors

Let there by internet access in our carsWill wireless internet in cars be the new tool for real estate investors?


I can already think of lots of ways we can use computers in our cars.  I’m not sure why this innovation has taken so long. 


Chrysler is the first car company to offer it and it will be on some of their 2009 models.


So how exactly would we use our computers in the field?


We could check comps, do Google maps, check-out property owners, neighborhoods, etc.  And it’s a whole easier than trying to see the screen on those tiny dollhouse- sized I- phones.


I won’t even start to list all the ways realtors can make use of car wireless.

Many of us use our cars as rolling offices.  That’s a fact.


I could name other things car companies could provide that would make our rolling offices more efficient like miniature refrigerators.

But I’m also reminded of the stories told about billionaire J. Paul Getty and how he made his first million, which was his most difficult million, by the way.


He worked out of his car while wildcatting. Just think how much faster he could have done it had  he had internet access.


Not everyone will be on the internet while the car is in drive.  Real estate investors have a lot of downtime waiting for tenants, buyers, sellers, contractors, etc.  Now we can squeeze every drop of those formally wasted moments.


As for Chrysler- well, I almost bought one two years ago, but went for the Chevrolet instead.  Chrysler has a very beautiful product line, but Chevrolet gave me $2300 back from my credit card.  I just couldn’t pass that up. Plus I got a few more incentives on a demonstrator since it was the week of Christmas.


Also- my advice- make sure your cars get a good review in Consumer Reports.  Some of us read that publication religiously. 

But I think the interent in our car offices is a great idea. 


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