How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

Find out how to flip houses from a successful investor has some very good flip tips in the excellent video interview with Memphis real estate investor Terry Kerr.


Actually, there are tons of tips here in this fly-on-the-wall interview filmed at Gus’s Fried Chicken in Memphis, that we are allowed to listen in on, thanks to Youtube.


We’re able to be at the table with Terry and J.P. and hear at least 3 main real estate strategies that are not only priceless but what many real estate gurus are charging us hundreds of dollars for.


Here  are Terry’s  real estate investing flipping tips:

1. Find your specific niche in real estate investing.  Get into it.  Be the best in your area.

There are so many different niches in real estate investing you can get into.  You need to find the one that fits your needs, personality and goals the best. 


The way a lot of real estate investors miss the mark is they try too many different things and they never niche.  Terry thinks that’s a big mistake.


Terry knows exactly what to do.  He buys junkers and sells to buy and hold investors(landlords)


He knows how he will  do everything, step by step.


In only a few short  years he has already built a powerful reputation in the Memphis real estate investing community. People know him and trust him.


2. Get problems solved fast.

Don’t allow any problem to grow bigger.  Get problems out of the way so that people will view you as a problem solver who gets things done.


This  makes your credibility soar and everyone from bankers to painters will want to do business with you.


3.  Get your specific working systems in place and make everything as easy as possible for everyone on your team

Your team will consist of your appraiser, contractor, banker, and most importantly, the real estate investors you sell to

And yes, Terry “leaves enough meat on the bone for those buy and hold investors”. Don’t get greedy.


Cookie cut everything so you just go through your checklist each time and do it over and over.  Rinse and repeat, as a lot of internet marketers like to say. Why make it more complicated that it has to be?


You can become the successful real estate investor of your dreams if you get a specific real estate investing system, such as flipping, you solve problems fast, and you make real estate work like clockwork for other investors.  


Watch Terry’s interview  from Flipping Homes


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