New York Realtor Robin Greenbaum Answers Your NYC Investing Questions

New York City People Do Not have to Worry About Coyotes in Their Back Yards

To prove I’m not anti-agent, (since yesterday’s rather rough rant about the unprofessional  agent I had a run-in with) we’re featuring a vid by one of our most fav Manhattan real estate agents Robin Greenbaum.


Robin is answering some very good questions from real estate bloggers about Manhattan real estate.  Where are the best deals, etc.

Where is Manhattan’s most desirable view?

Central Park, of course.

Even I knew that.


However, Robin points out there are other views investors crave such as New York City’s unique landscape like  down Broadway and some of the ‘excellent views of the Statue of Liberty’.




And I bet they don’t have coyotes wandering through their yards while they’re reading the Sunday paper either (That happened to me in my back yard in Nashville last Sunday)


See Robin Greenbaum’s vid below.






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