A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Google Street Maps View

Google Street View provides excellent tools for real estate investors

Google has done it again.  Riled people up, I mean.


I’m referring to an article from the Daily Mail in the  U.K. lamenting the fact that ”every front door in Britain will be photographed by the Google car.”


They’re talking about Google’s thrilling feature from its Maps called Street View, which has real estate investors salivating.

Folks, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go into Google Maps and take a look.  You may be seeing far more than you ever dreamed could be shown.


Hence, the uproar.  (Read the Daily Mail’s article on Big Brother)


Some people in Britain think this is in violation of their privacy rights, and yes, I think they’ve got a very good point.  In fact, we’ve talked about that before.


I also pointed out in a previous post that Britain is one of the most photographed counties in the world and that’s not just because of prettiness or because of Google. 


I mentioned the creepiness I felt as a camera was panning my  friends and me as we walked down a little street in Windsor, near the castle in 2004.


However, I might also point out- with all their photography they could not prevent the terrible Subway Attack in July 2005 near Russell Street, and Edgeware; places we often passed in and out of the King’s Cross station.   


But here’s my point.


Google has taken another layer of our clothing away-but…


It’s tremendous what we can actually see, virtually, of course.


So I decided to do a  Google street map view of the Joy Ford property that is so controversial (see yesterday’s post about the heated eminent domain battle in Nashville) to give you the opportunity to decide if it’s really all that blighted, as Narvel, and Metro and Lionstone contend.


Channel 17’s Video showing the property


Maybe it’s just me, but it really doesn’t  look that bad or ‘blighted’, as they like to describe it.


You can go to 23  Music Row East virtually by clicking on


Google Maps.

Street View

Type in the address you want to see

Streets outlined in blue with show very detailed photographs.

Follow the white arrows and you can go up and down the streets.  You can also zoom in and out, plus you can move right to left.


I’ve said this before, I think this is a huge tool for real estate due diligence.  With gas prices climbing at $4.00 per gallon, Google Street Maps will help save us a lot of gas money as well as  time.



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