Havahart’s Critter Ridder Will Really Repel Irritating Animals

I’m not exactly sure how it works and I don’t care. I just know Critter Ridder works for me, but I think it’s the active ingredient of Oil of Black Pepper. Also, Havahart claims it’s good for organic gardening. Dog walkers and their best friends have been running to get out of my Critter Ridder zone.

Critter Ridder will really repel irritating dogs and cats

Havahart Critter Ridder that you can buy at Lowe’s will really repel dogs and cats, among other irritating animals.


I’ve waited almost two months to give you this exciting news because I wanted to try it out for myself to make sure.  And yes, I think it’s a winner.


We all have our critter problems, and mine was neighborhood dogs using my front terrace  just outside my hedge as a public restroom.  It makes me mad when dog walkers allow their best friends to leave deposits of you know what near my mailbox and my precious hedge, that I prize so much.

Why do they think I want to walk in all that awful, foul stuff?


The last obnoxious dog walker whom I actually caught in the act, doesn’t even live on my street.  I got a good look at her and the dog, and I could pick them out of a line up if I ever had the chance.


A day or two later while out driving around,  I spotted her walking with that large irritating dog  over two miles away from my house.  I was mad.  She had been journeying all the way over to my house just so the dog could relieve itself. 


But losing your temper doesn’t solve anything.


You want to be able to think.  Getting the right product to stop them from urinating and  depositing on your lawn or near your cars, or on your rental properties is reward enough.


So I gave Critter Ridder a try.


True to its label it really is good for about 30 days, so you only have to spray once a month.  Make sure you spray thoroughly. 


It has lasted through searing heat, with days reaching as high as 97 degrees F. 

It has held up through thunderstorms and rain.  I’ve cut the terrace a lot, probably once a week and that didn’t dilute its power, so it must seep deeply within the grass and to the ground.


I’ve stood at my front window and I’ve watched the dog walkers go by- very fast.   Their best friends do not want to linger and actually run until they get safely past my Critter Ridder Zone. 


To tell you revenge is sweet and gratifying probably doesn’t sound good for a Sunday School teacher, but it’s true.   I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  It was the best $17  I’ve spent in a long time. 


I’m not exactly sure how it works and I don’t care.  I just know Critter Ridder works for me, but I think it’s the active ingredient of Oil of Black Pepper.  Also, Havahart  claims it’s good for organic gardening.


The label further claims it will repel skunks, groundhogs, squirrels and raccoons.  I’m not sure about coyotes; my next challenge in the very urban area of Nashville where I, and they, live.


Critter Ritter is sold by Lowe’s and you can find it near the pesticide section.  Use it with caution and read the label.  Spray carefully, but go ahead and repel those animals that have proven themselves a nuisance.


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