Dr. Housing Bubble Raises Vital Questions about Foreclosure Bill

Dr. Housing Bubble continues yesterday’s discussion about the new Foreclosure Bill now being passed by a jittery Congress.


Is Chicken Little right about the Foreclosure Bill?He makes the interesting observation about the cost cutting estimates which Congress is probably incorrectly stating will be around $25 billion.


“Yet what seems to be more astonishing is the vast majority of Americans seem oblivious to the entire bill.”


Amen, Dr. Housing Bubble.


Kind of reminds us of that song  from West Side Story with the lyric “everything’s free in Amer-i-ca.”


Well, almost, right?


Go to Dr. Housing Bubble’s blog and read what he’s thinking.  Also, don’t forget his  recent comment section which is also  very juicy.


Read more of Dr. Housing Bubble’s opinion of the Foreclosure Bill.

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