Frank McKinney, Green Builder, Speculates on World’s Biggest Green House

Frank McKinney is a builder whose favorite color is green.  His hero is Robin Hood, and yep, he does probably physically resemble the storybook Brit with his long lion-like locks. 


His working area and playground in the wildly competitive Florida gold coast and he will be making building history if he successfully pulls off his next project.  Or- he may lose quite a bit of green as in dollars.


McKinney is currently creating the world’s most expensive speculative green house.


Question is does anyone really care?


At $25 million and 50,000 square feet the caring market does narrow.


Can he pull it off?


We’ll know when it’s completed in December, but meanwhile we can see a preview from his website.  

Go to Frank McKinney Home Click on View Trailer under Acqua Liana or Crystalina

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