Current Real Estate Cycle Affecting Realtors, Rap Stars and Moonstruck House

Here are some diverse ways the current real estate cycle is affecting diverse people, from Michigan real estate agents to rap stars to a $1 million price drop on a house in Brooklyn Heights, New York.


Moonstruck, the Brooklyn Heights house’s sale, was vividly described by another one of our favorite blogs, Curbed, as "a blood gushing, gore everywhere price chop." Hmmm.


What does the story about real estate agents in Michigan sitting out the current cycle tell us?


We haven’t reached the bottom yet, but we may be getting close.  Meanwhile some of them are working at Starbucks.

Real Estate Meltdown Trickles  to Agents


And the rap stars?  Maybe they should just rent out their mega mansions for the time being, if that’s possible.  Or just sit it out like the Starbucks/realtors.

Hip-Hop Stars Feeling Effects of Slumping Real Estate Market Too


But there’s another persecutive.  The buyers’.


Someone probably got a good deal on the so called ‘Moonstruck House’ in Brooklyn Heights, I reckon.  $1 million price slash is nothing to sneeze at.

Moonstruck House Finally Sells After $1 Million Price Chop

Read  about real estate agents working at Starbucks, rap stars selling out and the Moonstruck House sale.

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