Irving Housing Blog Features Very Ugly, Overpriced Property

Irving Housing Blog has another one of those outrageous properties that are way overpriced for today’s market.

He is featuring it again, and we thought we would give you the link to his first post about it here. Overpriced Irving Property.


I think it’s interesting that the asking price is $1,059,000.   Irving housing can not figure out how on earth they came up with that price or the other metrics.   Frankly, neither can we.


Would somebody really in their right mind actually  pay over $1 mil for that very small kitchen?  Not this cook.  I want cabinet space  for that kind of money.  And in Nashville, I can get it for a whole lot less.


But here’s another point. "Let’s put it in context.  Quail Hill is getting killed," says Irving Housing Blog.

Okay…That’s the buy signal, but something’s missing here.  The reduced price…


Here’s his most recent post about it. Now it’s listed at $835,000.  But let’s not stop there.  Frankly, we agree with Irving Housing Blog.  It’s not worth the new price either.  And it’s ugly.   


What do you think?  Should a buyer try to deal with an overpriced property like this?  Could you do anything  with it, even if you got it at the correct price?

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