Are First Time Homebuyer’s Expectations Too High?


An eye-opening report survey from Coldwell Banker Real Estate reveals first time homebuyer’s have very high expectations.

Are they too high? 


Consider that 81 percent of them want ideal move-in conditions.

What does that mean? 

It means they’re a lot like tenants.  They want perfection but they may not be willing to pay for it, nor can they always afford it.

What does that tell the savvy real estate investor?

There will be more gems out there for us because these fussy, picky first timer homebuyers are not willing to look at the bigger picture.  They don’t get what real estate investing is all about, even if they only plan to buy one house at a time ( the one they reside in). 

Read Survey: First Time Homebuyers Have Lofty Expectations

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