How to Use I-Phones to Advertise Your Real Estate Properties

Future of Real Estate Marketing has a great instructional post on how to use iPhones to advertise your properties.


They recommend a company called Utopria to place your flyers and single property websites onto a mobile phone, for instant download.


I guess I don’t have to say it.  This is huge. 


It’s almost scary what all you can do with it.  These are days of tremendous opportunities for realtors, buyers, sellers, and of course, landlords to get your properties out there in front of many, many eyeballs before your competition.


Future of Real Estate Marketing also explains how to use this technology gem, in case technology sometimes comes  as hard for you as it does for me.  They have some very good videos showing you  how to advertise your real estate properties.


Go to  Utopria brings property listing to i-Phones

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