How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioner Repair Bills

We did one simple thing to our air conditioners which has already saved us a big chunk of money on repair bills. It’s a simple thing you can do yourself but the payoff is huge…

I’ve been waiting for several weeks to post this priceless air conditioner tip because I wanted to make sure what we were doing was really working.


We have only had a few air conditioner repair calls this whole summer.  That’s a record for us because with 37 air conditioner units anything, and often everything, can go wrong.


Our air conditioner man, Tony  Lewis of Lewis Air, was beginning to wonder if he had lost us as customers.  That was the hardest part, I guess, because he’s a great guy and we love him, however, saving money is one of our biggest goals in property management, right?


Here’s our secret tip:  We changed the air filters every few weeks, religiously.


Yep, sorry to disappoint.  It’s really not that big of a secret, or is it?


It’s an easy thing to do.  A lot of landlords and property owners don’t do it just because.


But the pay-off is huge.  We saved hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars over a hot humid summer here in Middle Tennessee.


And we didn’t get those frantic calls from tenants ordering us to get their air conditioners fixed right away- like a 911 call…


I also found this easy-to-understand air conditioner repair tutorial  air conditioner repair

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