Affluent Landlords Beware

“The more successful I get, the more I feel eyes in the dark, hungrily watching me.” Does that describe some of your tenants?

I’ve been reading legendary marketer Dan Kennedy’s book, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent Guide to Getting Really Rich and there’s plenty here that applies to affluent landlords. This book is a literal minefield of info that’s so explosive, it’s almost dangerous.

I was struck dumbfounded when I got to "Money Spent on Liberty" chapter.


Here’s the quote from a successful millionaire.

 "To my face they are deferential.  Behind my back, they are angry critics who believe themselves infinitely smarter and harder working and more deserving than I.

 The more successful I get, the more I feel eyes in the dark hungrily watching me."

 Does that describe some of your tenants?


Have we stopped to think some of them, if not most, deep down inside of themselves resent renting.

 They can’t figure out for their lives how you can be a landlord or real estate investor.  And as we know every landlord is a real estate investor.

Here’s today’s tip.

Don’t flaunt your wealth in front  of your tenants.

I know you’ve heard all of this before, but it’s too important  to ignore.

Watch what you drive around them.  It’s okay to have the Mercedes, just don’t drive it to your properties.

Why?  Jealousy. It’s bad enough that you own the properties, must you have the beautiful car to go with them?

Of course you can have the car.  Just drive it very carefully.

Always drive your landlording vehicle around your tenants.  I know landlords who have a special landlording vehicle specifically for that purpose.

I don’t drive a Chevrolet just because I got a good deal on a practical car that’s better built these days.

Here’s another important tip. 

Tread carefully around lawyers. 

Plan your wealth where is it protected from lawsuits and hungry lawyers who might see you as an easy target. 

As you gain wealth and increase you real estate investing portfolio keep a lower profile, at least around the people who are watching you in the dark.   







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