“Always Have a Plan B” Donald Trump

“Always Have a Plan B” Donald Trump says. He ought to know since he almost went bankrupt in 1990.

With all the bad real estate market news, I thought I would continue this little series about real estate billionaires and how they adapt    to "bad times."


What list would be complete without  Donald Trump?

(Currently he’s  #134 on the Forbes Richest 400)


I guess most everyone is familiar with The Donald’s blog, Trump University.


I was tempted to dismiss it at first because of all the hype, but I have to say I actually  like it.


There are several very good posts on the  home page and I found myself reading and learning.


I really like The Shock Market 


The Donald wrote that post last September 16th, a date that will probably be remembered as ‘the day after".


We were experiencing all that Wall Street upheaval and The Donald said, "Out of chaos comes reinvention."


I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit.


"Always Have a Plan B" Donald Trump says.

Donald Trump has certainly lived that, especially as he was verging toward bankruptcy in 1990.


Read The Shock Market


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