Killer Short Sale Interview with Newbie Who Made $40,000

J.P. Moses interviews Oklahoma short sale newbie Ron Harris who pulled off two short sales, grossing $40,000 with no rehabbing.

We have a lot of killer short sale info for today.

Starting with J.P. Moses’ interview with Oklahoma short sale newbie Ron Harris, we have  his excellent interview detailing how Ron pulled off two short sales, grossing $40,000 with no rehabbing.

Also J.P. gives an outline of what’s covered in the interview, which I think is particularly helpful. 

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Also, Illinois Realtor Julie Harris has a FAQ short sale list that covers basic short sale questions, such as "Will I owe any taxes on the deficiency?" The answer is ‘no’, thank goodness.

This FAQ list  was written primarily for realtors who are finding themselves suddenly doing short sales, but it’s a good resource for all of us.

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