A Plumber Speaks Out On Obama’s Tax Plan

Ask the typical landlord is he thinks his plumber is more important than the President of the United States and he will tell you there is no contest…

We all know the old landlord joke about plumbers.

Who is the most important man in America?

You ask the typical landlord and you give him three choices:

A. The President of the United States

B. The future President of the United States and the leader of the free world

C. Your plumber

The typical landlord who has been in property management for any length of time will answer ‘C’.

I have a new plumber hero and is name is Joe Wurzelbacher.  In fact, right now he may even be the most famous plumber in America.

He’s the man who asked Obama why his new tax plan would be increasing the taxes for the small plumbing business Joe is trying to buy.  That business makes $278,000 per year to be exact.

By now everyone in America knows Obama’s rather strange answer. 

Here are My 4 Reasons why Obama is wrong:


1.$250,000 is not that much money anymore.  (Sorry, but I had to say it)

2.The people living the American Dream should  be  those who are working the American Dream.  It’s called incentive.

3.As Joe put it, paying more taxes will stop him from putting more trucks on the road.  In other words, his business will not be able to grow like it could have, or should have, because more of the money will be leaving it and going to Washington. Washington has had enough of our hard-earned money.

4. Small businesses create jobs, folks. 

Mr. Obama, and other politicians, be very careful how you treat my heroes, especially the ones who can fix my toilets! 

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